FourStar Resolution, LLC. offers professional merchant recovery services and systems that help clients recover distressed assets.
We are a premiere credit card accounts receivable firm. Located in the heart of New York State, we specialize in collecting consumer and commercial accounts of all types from coast to coast at the lowest possible cost. For over five years, steady growth, and multiple offices around the country, our dedicated staff has been building upon the original foundation set by management.
With our innovated "VIC," Verify Information Correctly, system and the use of the best skiptracing tools available, combined with our experienced management and back end debt recovery team effectivly benefits our clients' business strategies. The information we collect to assist us in recovering delinquent accounts is used only for collection purposes only. We collect on all types of accounts including retail, commercial, and NSF checks. We collect these accounts with profesionialism and high levels of customer care every day. We minimize your risk of further cost in the collection process becasue we only get paid when the account is collected.
We also offer transparent outsourcing programs to clients who prefer to maintain control of their accoutns, without the burden of using in-house resources. We can manage your early stage delinquencies more efficiently and cost effectively than you can yourself.
When it comes to professional standards, you can be assured that our firm has set the benchmark for other collection agencies who try to copy us.WE are the original, FourStar Resolution, recognized as a premiere accounts receivable firm. Our company was registered in 2008 and still stands today and expanding.
Our Chief Compliance Officer, Ronald Williams (Certification No. P1405-1047), has satisfactorily completed all necessary requirements by the DBA International Debt Buyers Certification Program and DBA Internation Bylaws.